Have you at any point sketched a perfect idea on a paper just to realise that it is just an idea on a paper until you do something more with it? Are you frustrated that it is not even possible to get the idea down on paper since for some reason the paper does not understand how your splendid idea looks like?

We have also been there and got tired of it, so we created a way to take the idea from scratch into production. With advanced 3D Design and production CAD software we can take your ideas and convert them from that little sketch into real 3D possibilities where you can turn and comment on your own ideas in 3D. If you like we also put it up in VR so you can almost touch it for real or we produce high end photo renderings/pictures for your sales material. 

With advanced calculation software we can also calculate strength of designed products. When designing boats and vessels, we have top of the line stability calculation software, as well possibilities to calculate resistance so we can calculate anything that floats.

Since we are in close co-operation with production, we know how to design so it is possible to produce and not only a nice “impossible to make in reality” picture.

Confused? Don’t be. Send us a question with your splendid idea and see what we can do for you.

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